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The open grassed play area at Woburn Way and Ashfield

A few years ago the Parish Council put forward some proposals for minor changes to this open area of land but these were rejected by a number of residents at that time. Under the arrangements applicable to this area of open land for public use no changes can be made without the unanimous approval of all of the residents who live in the properties that were built at the time this area was created. The area is the responsibility of Wyre Council to maintain and this is primarily the cutting of grass during the growing season. However it is sometimes the case that the grass is allowed to grow too high between cutting and it becomes unsuitable for playing on. A further issue is that the cutting contract does not include removal of the cut grass and weeds. The Parish Council will discuss this matter at its next meeting in on July 3rd, as there is clearly a need for this situation to be improved upon. Any resident living adjacent to this open space and wishes to contribute to the discussions about it is most welcome to attend the Parish Council Meeting.

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